MEMBERS 2019/20

Any of our members will be delighted to let you know more about the Club, what we get up to and how you could support us, just contact one of the phone or email addresses below or use our contact page.   We would be delighted to welcome you to one of our future meetings to let you see a Lions club 'in action' and to dispel any impression that we belong to some form of 'Secret Society'.   

Membership is open to any men or women who are willing to bring ideas, some time and a lot of humour to our meetings but more importantly, who wish to help their local, national and international communities.  Membership may be by invitation, but if you meet that criteria, you will fit in well.   Not wanting to commit to being a member but still want to help?   Become one of the 'Friends of Lions' and just help out if you have time to spare when we could do with an extra pair of hands.   We will simply email you when we need help and if you can give us some time, just let us know when you will be able to join us.   An hour or two, a half day or all day, whatever you can offer will help to ensure our events and activities can take place and we fulfil the aims of Lions. 

If you know of someone or an organisation that could do with some help or support, please contact one of the members to outline the problem and we will see if it is possible for the club to assist.   We may not be able to help every case that we hear of, but being part of a network of local support groups, we can often point people in the right direction if we are unable to directly become involved.

Our members are:







Trevor Aldred MJF

1st Vice President

Tony Bellamy


2nd Vice President

Richard Hillier    


Trevor Aldred MJF




Bob Benbow MJF  





Fund Raising  Chairman


Service Chairman

Tony Bellamy(temp) for  Kim Smith 


Social Organiser



Trevor Aldred MJF    
  Tony Bellamy 

  Bob Benbow
  Russell de Ville


John Ferris MJF

 01234 712217


Tom Hart MJF



  Tony Higgs MJF

  Richard Hillier


Brian King MJF




Walter Micaleff MJF




Sarah Montelbano


  Derek Seymour MJF
  Kim Smith


Karen Thorpe-Morgan



Tony Triggle MJF



  Jon Tuddenham



Martin Ward MJF




Rod Wayland MJF



If you would like to contact the club on any matter, please do so via our Contact form accessible via the link or button on the left hand side of this page.