Message in YOUR Wallet


Some time ago, we introduced Message in a Bottle to the towns of Olney and Newport Pagnell.   These bottles carry the medical history of the resident and are stored, normally in the refrigerator (as most houses have these) .   

On arrival at an emergency where the patient is unconscious or not able to pass the vital medical information to the Doctor or Paramedic, signs on the interior of the door and exterior of the refrigerator, highlights the existence of a bottle. These bottles which are provided free of charge to anyone who requires one, have saved many lives throughout the UK but, of course, were only of use in the home.

Watch the Video to see how it works.

If you need one, or know someone who does, ask at your local chemist or doctors surgery or if you have problems obtaining one, contact us via our 'Contact Us' page and someone will get back to you to arrange to get one to you.

So where does Message in your Wallet come in?

An extension of this project was inevitable and so we have now designed and introduced Message in your wallet.   

This is a credit card sized document which you can carry in your purse or wallet and which gives the holder the facility of recording the same information as would be found in the bottle.   

Both of these items give some assurance that whether inside or out of the home, if you were suddenly to be taken ill and unable to pass on vital medical information, it would be available to the medics who would be helping you.

If you suffer from a condition which could result in you becoming unexpectedly unconscious, please contact us via our contact us page and we can either get one to you or point you in the direction of a local outlet.