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Living in Milton Keynes, one of the fastest growing areas in the UK, with a population of 300k which is forecast to increase by around 20% in the foreseeable future, brings with it a number of infrastructure problems, one of which it the local Hospital.

Various developments have taken place over the years but one service which has come under significant pressure involves the treatment of Cancer and services are constantly being stretched to capacity.   Cramped accommodation, long waiting room queues, difficulties in slotting in all the patients has seen pressures coming to bear in an area where time is of the essence when it comes to providing life saving treatment.

Despite many efforts to improve the services within the constraints of budgets, resources and accommodation, patients still have to travel to Northampton, Bedford and Oxford for treatment.  This simply adds stress to the patient and their family members at a time when pressures are already great.

At long last, thanks to the success of a major fundraising appeal by the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity, sufficient funding has now been secured and work is in hand to create the new cancer centre now being built at the Hospital. 

This multi million £ facility means the hospital can better support each and every cancer patient, providing most of the cancer services they need in an excellent environment close to their homes and providing for their families, too.

No longer will patients and their families need to travel to surrounding towns and cities for treatment which could have been provided here but prevented by the lack of facilities.

Have a look at the video below for more information

While there, have a read about the centre and the MK Hospital Charity Appeal.

Where do LIONS come in?

With some recent personal experience of the limitations of the existing centre, one of our Lions colleagues experienced a situation which he felt, had to be addressed and with the new centre on the horizon, took the initiative of approaching the hospital with a proposal.

Family members often have to spend lengthy periods of time visiting their loved ones and privacy, especially the breaking of bad news. is often done in less that adequate or personal surroundings.

The idea of having a dedicated room which could be used by family members, fully equipped with comfortable relaxation facilities, and stocked with some basic hospitality items was something which he felt was missing when he found himself in such a situation.  Making contact with the project team involved in the new centre and following a number of negotiations, he was delighted when the Hospital Authorities agreed to set aside a room which Lions clubs in Milton Keynes would take 'ownership' of and make it a reality.    A partnership with the MK Hospital Charity quickly followed and the Lions Family room has been scoped out.

A not inexpensive project which will cost Lions around £11k over a 4 year period, it was clear that one club would not have the resources necessary to assure completion (and still carry out its normal level of local, national and International support) so the project was presented to our Zone for consideration as a Zone Project.    With 5 clubs - 4 of which are served by the MK Hospital - area, it was hoped that the combined effort would make it a worthy cause to support.

Our Club was pleased to become involved and have committed to provide 1/4 of the funding over the initial period of 4 years.  One of our members has also agreed to become part of the steering group which will see the room operational in time for the opening of the Centre and manage it during this first 4 years of use.