Lions Peace

The Lions Peace Poster Contest is a wonderful opportunity for our club to work with the youth in our community to promote peace, tolerance and international understanding.

We aim to encourage young people aged 11 - 13 to think about peace, creatively express what it means to them and share their unique visions with the world.

Have a look at a short video of last years contest which had the theme 'Kindness Matters'

As a club, we have never run a competition before but this year, we decided the time was ripe for us to try and engage with one of the local secondary schools in the Area and to sponsor a contest.

Three schools were approached and we were delighted to receive a call from the Art Teacher at the Olney Campus of Ousedale School  who expressed an interest in finding out more about the contest.  Following a number of meetings, final agreement was given to set up a contest at the Campus.

We are delighted to formally announce the Launch of the Contest at the Campus and hope that a good number of students decide to take part.

The first part of the process is to encourage those students in the age groups which the competition is aimed at and we are keeping our fingers crossed that many will wish to become involved.

Why only OLNEY?

Being our first attempt at running such a contest and with the Teacher involved based at the Olney Campus, it was considered prudent by us all, to walk before we run.   It was felt that the numbers likely to participate would be lower, her own presence at this site would make managing it much easier and as a result, only the Olney Campus will participate this year.  We all hope that if we are successful in running the contest here, it is hoped that our experience will enable us to extend it to the Newport Pagnell Campus, next year.

This Year's Theme is

Journey of Peace

and the students will be producing a piece of art with their interpretation of what that means to them.

Standards will be high as you would imagine for a contest which will be run in over 200 countries but with imagination, creativity and art ability being key skills, it is an open playing field.

If you would like to see the Rules of the Contest, please take this link.

But what's in it for those taking part?

All Participants will receive a commemorative Certificate with additional Merit achievement certificates if appropriate.

The Ousedale winner's Poster will be entered into the International Contest which has various stages and if successful

The International Grand Prize Winner receives a trip to an award ceremony where he or she will receive US$5000 and an award. Two family members are invited to accompany the winner to the Award Ceremony.    

23 Merit Award Winners will each receive US$500 and a certificate of achievement.

But more importantly - everyone taking part will end up with a piece of artwork which will find it's way into their portfolio and who knows?  Could well be a key element in any future career they choose to follow. 

(Full rules and Conditions are available from the school and/or Newport Pagnell & Olney Lions Club - via our Contact Us Page)

Formal Launch of the contest will be announced at the School shortly and updates will be carried in their website/facebook page along with the Lions Social Media so please return to find out how we are getting on.

So what will the standard of Art be like?

Have a look at the video above which contains some images from contests over the past few years.

We would like to wish all OUR contestants at Ousedale Olney Campus good wishes on their own Journey in the contest and look forward to seeing their different interpretation of 

"The Journey of Peace"


Inevitably we have to have them, especially when you consider that entrants will be coming from around 200 countries.   These rules have been deliberately kept as simple as necessary to ensure a smooth running contest.

The decision on passing any piece of work onto the next stage lies with Newport Pagnell & Olney Lions club whose interpretation of the rules is final.   No discussion will be entered into under any circumstances.