Malt Masterchef

 Bull Inn
18th October 2013

A dining experience to tantalise your tastebuds

To many, the pairing of Whisk(e)y and food is a no-no and the only real alcoholic beverage to be enjoyed along with fine food is a fine wine - this is changing however, with an increasing interest being shown in drinking appropriate whiskies along with the various courses of food and this was the theme of our third Whisky event.   


The event was designed by Bill Hutcheson, Area Sales Exectutive of Gordon & MacPhail, Scotland's Largest Independent Whisky Distributors and our two friends at the Bull, James and Mark.    Bill has helped us in our previous events and his company supply the Bull with, without doubt,  the widest range of Malt Whiskies in this area.   The food at the Bull is exceptional so it was obviously a perfect partnership. 

Whilst the plan was for Bill to introduce the malts, a sudden visit to the hospital on the day before the event led to him being banned from travelling and as a result, Lion John Ferris was quickly briefed (remotely) by Bill, provided with an advance 'taste' of both the food and the malts by James on the thursday before the event and was 'almost' ready to lead the thirty+ folks who came along to try this 'new' phenomena that is rapidly being seen in many major hotels and restaurants worldwide.   Did it work?   The food and drink guaranteed it.

Our Food Menu was exceptional.

Starting with melon, ginger & Chilli shot, followed by freshly smoked salmon and a main course of Venison backed up with a brilliant desert of Amaretto Creme Brulee with Strawberries.   It was then onto 2 cheeses (with two whiskies) from Scotland and finishing up with coffee and home made truffles accompanied by the statutory dram saw the evening come to an end.

From the discussions between courses and the feedback at the end, it was clear that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and as one person said "Wow - What a night - that was unbelievable".    There were certainly a number of people who had come along not quite sure what to expect but who had gone away with a different view of whisky.      All in all, it seems that we have had another dram good night.

A great range of Malts.

Starting with Connoisseurs Choice, Blair Athol 1994 which set off the citrus flavours of our starter we progressed onto our Salmon accompanied by the heavily peated English Whisky Chapter 11 - England and Scotland in partnership, what would Mr Salmond say?   Our main course was served with Linkwood 1991 Cote Rotie finish (what a flavour - just ideal for the Vensison) and our creme brulee was more than enhanced by the Benromach Organic coming from the Gordon & MacPhail owned Benromach distillery.   Our cheeses from Scotland were matched with Old Pulteney which went well with the smooth cheddar whilst the blue veined Dunsmore enjoyed a brilliant partnership with the slightly smokey Caol Ila.  Topping everything off was Linkwood 15 years old and its heavy sherry tones and nutty flavour matching the coffee and chocolate truffles.

The evening was attended by a representative from the local press and their resultant article sang high praises to the evening. Whilst admitting that they would be unlikely to replace their favourite wines at the dinner table, they were amazed at how well whisky complemented the food and admitted that they would be trying their own versions of whisky/food pairings.

A hard act to follow but Lion John promised the next offering of Malt at the Movies would provide a totally innovative and unique experience of Whisky Tasting.