Get Ready for 2019

With a Lions Calendar


Once again we have produced two excellent calendars for 2019 and hope that we will equal or improve on our previous years sales which enabled us to raise over £2000 for our charity account.


Newport Pagnell Town Calendar 
  Olney Town Calendar 
£5    £5

Our Newport Pagnell Calendar has been compiled from photos supplied by one of our members who lives in Lathbury.   We have again produced what we feel is a product that anyone with an association with the town would be proud to send to friends and families, no matter where in the world they may live.  

  This year our Olney publication is using images from the portfolio of Davis Purvis Motor Art.   David's artwork featured in two of our earlier calendars and was superceded by our photos contained in the most recent issues.   This year we decided to return to David's images which he has donated to the club for the calendar.
Click on the appropriate Calendar if you would like to see the images and to find out where you can purchase your copy.

Why not get one of these great Christmas gifts for family or friends who live many miles away or even better, get one for yourself and support your local Lions Club 

What about Christmas Cards?

With so many fantastic photographs having been received over the past two years, we have responded to comments from those purchasing Olney calendars who suggested producing Christmas cards and these are also on sale this year.   

Sealed in packs of 6 different cards, they will be sold at only £3.50 per pack making them ideal for your nearest and dearest.

So where can you get your Calendars? 

 Newport Pagnell             Olney          
 Heron Opticians
 Olney Market - Thursdays 
 Newport News    Sunday Markets
 PopUp shop Outside Boots (Friday AM)    Art Mart
 Tickford Card Box    Teapots
 Newport Pagnell Post Office    Cowper & Newton Museum
     Olney Town Council

Our Calendars should be on sale in these outlets wef Monday 5th November

If you can't get to one of our outlets, why not take advantage of our free COD Service if you live within 15 miles of either town centre.  Simply visit our contact us page, give your requirements and contact details and one of our members will arrange to drop your Calendars into you and collect payment.

Please don't delay, we ran out of Newport Pagnell Calendars last year and have increased production for 2019 but the old adage has never been truer.

"When they've gone - They've gone"