The Lions Toast

expands its repertoire

At the end of each Lions meeting, we propose a Toast to our organisation and in an inspirational moment, we began a series of fund raisers centred around whisky tasting.  

Having received suggestions (and not a little pressure) to spread our wings into other drinks, we eventually succumbed and our last event was a tasting of the drink that is taking the UK by storm. 

Our new Lions Toast event in August was


which we proudly used to support

This took the format of an evening of Swing music accompanied by a selection of Local and not so local gins.

Entertainment by acclaimed singer

Andrew Hutchinson

 a seasoned  performer with over 40 years experience who has been singing to audiences at home and abroad all his adult life.  He has been with bands such as Newtones, High 5, Lithium and Jazz Brothers and has performed at a wealth of venues including pubs, hotels, restaurants, theatres, department stores and even in a private kitchen!

With his corporate days behind him, Andrew now enjoys bringing ambience and atmosphere to functions of all kinds, using professional backing tracks to accompany him as he sings songs from The Great American
Songbook.....and more!‘


He certainly helped make the evening go with a swing with plenty of foot tapping and head bopping - and that was the audience!

Tickets were £20 for the entertainment and up to 6 Gins from a large selection and for the drivers, we had entertainment only tickets available at £10with the bar being open for anyone who wanted to purchase their own drinks. 

Was the evening successful?

We reckon so as we were able to make a sizeable donation of £750 to the hospice in recognition of the support they give to two local children (that we know of) who frequently visit the hospice to enable their parents to have some respite time - something which is vital in such circumstances.

An event such as this can often only be successful with the support of many organisations and people.   The club would like to thank the following for their donations and support.   Find out more about them by clicking on the graphic which will give you the opportunity to make online purchases where appropriate.

Our sincere thanks go to,

The Cherry Tree, Olney for their support in sponsoring a number of aspects of this event.

Del and the Staff of Harvest for donations of fruit etc. for the evening

Richard, Viv, The Staff and committee of the Carlton House Club for use of the room and invaluable support on the night.

Bruichladdich Distillery, Islay, Scotland for their donation of "The Botanist Gin"

Thanks to the Fruity Farmer at Stoke Goldington for a donation of their Seville Orange Gin.

A grateful thanks to Hustle Gins of Stoke Goldington for a donation of their award winning Fine Botanicals Gin

Many thanks to another Local Distillery from Harrington in Northamptonshire who have donated a  bottle of their Elderflower Gin

A very welcome donation of Fever Tree Tonics was given to us for this evenings event.  The club is grateful for this support. 
Let the Night BeGIN
We will have the following Gins on our Gantry on the night - no 'secret stocks' though, once they have gone, they have gone so ensure you beGIN with your favourite.

Bombay Sapphire  Edgerton  Jinzu 
 Claimed to be the world's favourite gin, distilled in Hampshire it has a unique story spanning from the Domesday Book to the British Raj.  
The recipe includes traditional gin botanicals such as juniper berries, citrus, angelica and orris root.  You will also find coriander, liquorice, cassia bark, almonds, cubeb berries and West African grains of paradise.
The Worlds First Pink Gin, this is produced in London from a unique combination of 15 botanicals. Amongst these are Damiana (the Honeymoon herb of Mexico), Juniper berries, Orris Root, grains of paradise, Sweet Orange Peel, Savory (a tradional popular herb similar to sage which hails from Atlantic Canada) Damiana, Casia Bark, Nutmeg and Coriander seeds, Liquorice root, Cinnamon Lemon Peel, angelica Root and finally pomegranate.
Pink Gin, a traditional nautical tipple consisting of gin
 A Scottish made Gin created by an English woman who was inspired by Japan.   Designed for the 2013 Diageo's Show Your Spirit competition which it won, the gin is a brilliant example of East meeting West with the normal range of Gin Botanicals being married with Cherry blossom, yuzu and sake which forms a distinctive gin which reflects its name which is that of a Japaneze river which flows the country.
You should find this gentler than many other London dry gins.  and Agnosuta bitters was originally launched in 1824 as a cure for sea sickness.
Try getting that from Cox and Robinson and I think you will find the Pharmacist giving you a lecture!
 Initialy a compound gin is made with Juniper distillate and sake distillate.  The other flavours are added as essences then re-distilled resulting in the final product..
Tanqueray flor de Sevilla   Tanqueray #10 Icelandic Eagle 
Flor de Sevilla is a unique distilled gin made with Sevilla orange essences and a range of fine botanicals.
Inspired by Charles Tanqueray's original recipes and the ripening oranges growing on the trees in sun-drenched Seville, the result is a uniquely bittersweet taste balanced witht he complexity of the Tanqueray London Dry Gin.
Experience the only gin to be inducted into the San Francisco World Spirits Competition Hall of Fame.
Passion for the product and attention to detail in the distillation process in the recipe for excellence in this Gin which is named after the stills of its origin.
A small batch gin, using fresh citrus fruits ensures that you gain a fruit burst with every sip you take..

The Eagle really has landed with this gin which features a botanical selection including juniper, ginger, angelica, coriander, orange and lemon.

The unique product however is blended with pure Icelandic Glaciated water that has filtered through the volcanic plains of this country with its steam geysirs, fantastic waterfalls and unbelievable naturally barren 
Best served with a Premium tonic and a squeeze wedge of orange.
Enjoy this one on a bright and sunny day.

Landscape.  A perfect gin for use in cocktails or try it on the rocks to experience it as the Icelanders do in its homeland of Hafnarfjordur a few miles south west of Reykjavik.
 The Botanist The Fruity Farmer  Hustle Gin 
The Botanist is a gin of layered complexity which hails from the Hebridean Island of Islay, better known for its whiskies.   
This Gin comes from Bruichladdich distillery (pronounced Brookladdie) and is a progressive exploration of the botanical heritage of the Island.
Nine classic gin botanicals are augmented by 22 local herbs and  flowers, foraged responsibly by hand from the hills, shores and bogs of this fertile island by the distilleries own team of botanical scientists.  Often called "the thinking persons gin". 
A link to Olney exists with one of the directors of the 
The Fruity Farmer range of gins hails from Stoke Goldington where they are produced at Letts farm.   
We have two of their production available tonight in the form of their Seville Orange and Rhubarb Gins which are produced with Gin and with quality Gin and the relevant fruit.  
The Farmer also produce a range of liqueurs, details of which are on their facebook page which you can access by taking the link on the graphic or title and whilst there, you can arrange to purchase a bottle of 
Another Local visitor from Stoke Goldington's Hustle Gins.   Tonight we have their Fine Botanical Gin which gained the Bronze award at the London Spirits Competition this year.
A sophisticated, contemporary, award-winning, fine dry botanical gin. Our gin is lovingly produced by hand, using bespoke copper stills with 40% ABV.  Bursting with traditional botanicals, Hustle is smooth on the palate, with a hint of sweet basil and pear on the finish, leaving you with a taste of summer..
Company having lived in Emberton before moving North to experience life on Scotlands Spiritual Island.
whatever takes your fancy. Crafted by an award-winning distillery in small limited batches of just 250 bottles at a time, every part of the process is checked by hand - a true artisan gin.
  Warner Edwards   
   Harvested just once a year, each bottle is infused with over 200 individually hand picked elderflowers from their local hedgerows.
This is a delicately sweet and floral gin which captures the very essence of a 
   British summer's day.  From field to bottle in just a few short hours, this is summer in a glass.  

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