The activities detailed below are only a small example of the what we do to produce our income which lets us support the individuals, charities and organisations we help.    These are not the only means we use to raise funds as you can find us at School Gala days, Fetes, BBQs and anywhere else can get a presence - have a look at our Calendar for details of these 'extra curricular' events.      

Lions, unlike many charities, use none of the cash given to us for administration.   The costs of running the club are met entirely by the members own subscriptions and personal fundraising activities so you can be sure that when you donate £1 to a Lions club, that entire £1 will be used for the benefit of others less well off than yourself.

Dickens of a Christmas

This is our major fundraiser and takes place during December when around 3000 people attend our 3 Craft Fayres located in the Bull Hotel, Carlton House Club (previously Olney Working Men's Club) and Olney Centre.  

The event is part of Dickens of a Christmas - an outdoor event organised by Olney Town Council, Chamber of Trade and a number of other interested parties including Lions.     A truly fun day which sees retailers, market traders, entertainers and a others dressing up in traditional Victorian costume to welcome residents and visitors to the town.  

To have a look at one of our past events which helped the club raise over £5000 for our charity account,
click here.



Newport  Pagnell Events

Following on from the success of our Craft Fayres at Olney's Dickens of a Christmas, the Club is now running a series of fairs at Newport Pagnell which are becoming increasingly popular.   Ranging from gift fairs to artisan food fairs and even one aimed at the chocoholics amongst the population we will be running 6 different events during the coming year.  Free admission is one of the attractions of these events and further information can be found on our Sixpack Site.   Click here to find out more about them and if you are in the town on any of the days we are holding one of them, pop into the hall to see what is there.



Easter Egg Raffle.  

A large contribution to our funds comes from our Annual Easter Egg raffle which sees licenced and retail premises throughout the area sell tickets for a prize of a beautifully decorated chocolate easter egg.

Our raffle regularly raises in excess of £1000 with the profit being split 50:50 between the retailers own favourite good cause and our Lions Charity Account.   Find out who took part in our last event and the charities which benefitted from the activity by
clicking here.




Rapidly becoming one of the major events in Olney, is our Motorama. This is the day when cars from all ages converge on the Market Square and surrounding streets in a display of colour, power and nostalgia.

If you would like to see some of our exhibits, view the
Motorama pages where you can also download an application form if you have a car you would like to bring along to our next event. 


Collecting Cans

Visit many of the retailers in either of the two towns or surrounding area and you may see one of our bright yellow collecting cans sitting on the counter or back shelf.   Dropping a few coins into these mounts up for us and this is rapidly providing a significant annual income.  

The cans are regularly emptied so you can be sure your money will not be gathering dust for too long before it is recycled for the good of others.


Street Collection

Once a year in October, we take part in the Milton Keynes wide 'Lions Street Collection' which sees Lions from all clubs in the Borough of Milton Keynes dusting off our spare collection cans and facing the elements as we give local people the opportunity of dropping a coin or two into our collecting cans.

The cash is welcome, obviously, but so too is the chance to chat to those who so happily help us financially and we have, through this activity, found out about a number of good causes which we have gone on to support both in a financial sense and by actual service work.

If you see one of our members or friends battling against the rain, snow or wind (or just enjoying the sunshine) do go up and say hello, drop a few coins in the box and find out what we are currently doing.


Online Sales 

On-Line purchasing is becoming common place and our club have teamed up with Easyfundraising to generate much needed funds from those using the web in Preference to mail order or visiting stores.    

Anyone purchasing on-line from any of over 600 outlets, can register to support our Lions club and we will get a percentage of your purchase straight into our charity account.  

A brilliant opportunity to support us AT NO COST to yourself.

For further details take a trip to our
Easyfundraising  page. 


Web Searching = Funds

How often do you use Google, Yahoo, or any of the many different search engines?

We have linked up to Easysearch which means that we earn a small revenue, every time one of our supporters uses the easysearch engine.      Many searches = a good revenue and we would encourage anyone who wants to help us at no cost, to use this facility in preference to any other.   

Find out how you could help us bring in more revenue by visiting our
Easysearch page. 


Printer Cartridge/Mobile Phone Recycling
You can help us raise funds by recycling your old printer cartridges and mobile phones. 


It's easy.   You just have to send it off in one of our special freepost envelopes which are available from any of our members or by contacting us via our 
contact page.    You can also pick one up at one of the town retailers who have supplies for collection.     Natwest Bank, Roscos Coffee Shop, Sandwichland, Barclays Bank and the LA Car Wash at Yardley Hastings can all supply an envelope. 

Alternatively just give us your contact details and we will get a supply of envelopes to you which will not only see you helping Lions but also helps the environment at the same time.   

Two feelgood factors for the price of None!  Can't be bad, can it?

Why not help us out with some Time?

We are a small club which does an amazing amount of good work in the Local, National and International communities. 

We need help, however, and would ask you to consider joining our 'Friends of Lions".  

A couple of hours of your time at key points in our Calendar can make life so much easier for all our members and who knows, once you get to know us, you may find you want a more permanent link into the life of Lions.   Remember Lions can be Male, Female, Young, Old, any religion, no religion and all we ask is that you want to put something back into the community. 

For further information drop us a note via our
contact page and someone will get back to you.