How Can we Help YOU?

A Lions Club exists to help those less well off than themselves and although an International organisation, much of a clubs activities and community support is centred in the Locality in which it is based.

Newport Pagnell & Olney Lions Club is now regularly distributing over £10,000 each year to individuals, causes or organisations within the areas of our twin towns and you can see a wide selection of those who have benefitted from the club elsewhere on our website.  

Our efforts are not simply fiscal as we often 'Lend a Hand' to local organisations who need additional help when running community events.   This is becoming an increasing feature of our club, thanks to the support of over 40 local people who make up our Friends of Lions group.   These are individuals who have no wish or desire to become a Lion member but who believe in giving something back to their community as and when they have the time.    Lions now give them that opportunity.

Unlike many Charities and similar organisations, we have no boundaries over who or what we support.   Each case brought to our attention is initially checked out by our Service Committee to ensure as far as possible that it is genuine and if it is felt that we should give support, a recommendation is given to the club and a decision on whether to become involved, either via financial help or provision of manpower is taken.   

We can normally react quite quickly to appeals for help but in the situation where a speedier response is needed, we have a fastrack process which can see us providing a limited support very quickly.

But how does someone approach the club for help?   Do you know of some individual or cause which could benefit from our support?  Is there something bothering you which you feel Lions could help with?

If you would like to see if Lions can help you with something, the easiest way to approach us is to do so via the website. 

Go to our contact page and give us your preferred method of contact (email, phone # or address).   There is no need to give us details of what you want - that will be discussed by one of our Service Committee who will contact you via the method you wish.