We are a club of under 20 members who are doing some amazing things to support and help the Local, National and International Communities which we serve.

Many of our events or activities could not be carried out without the support of a group of people who have no desire to join a Lions Club but on occasion, if they are free, are willing to give us an hour or two of their time.

These people are members of our Friends of Lions group and the only commitment is to receive the occasional email which will contain details of the support we would like.   

If the individual is free and able to help, they simply contact the Lion who is running the event and arrangements will be made to include them during the time they have available.

Not available - no problem.   

Simply consign the email to your recycle bin, we won't be offended as we too get loads of emails and replying to them all is not an option.   There is likely to be a 'next time'.

Not everything we call on our friends for is 'work'!   

Frequently we have social events, meals out, visits, theatre trips and a myriad of other opportunities to  meet in a social environment and these too can be the subject of a Lions Friends email.

Getting onto our distribution list is simple but unfortunately the infamous GDPR rules our storage of your contact details so we need to have proof that you have asked us to contact you.   

If you would like to join our friends group.

Just take this link to our Contact Us page, put the heading "Make me a Friend", complete the rest of the form and we  will do the rest.  The form explains how you can withdraw your permission.