in many ways!

Raising funds for others is not the only objective of a Lions club as service comes in many guises.

Supporting other local organisations is something we regularly do and we were approached by the organisers of the annual Willen Hospice Charity Fashion Show requesting some help, we were only too happy to volunteer.

Whilst people came along to watch the models, check out the up market clothes and have an enjoyable evening they were looked after by the Lions members as the did their impression of James Bond - or was it Basildon Bond, as they pandered to everyone's need?

Seems like some of the Lions (well one in particular) felt that he should have been up there strutting his stuff - a latent model perhaps?


 Just some of the antics we got up to whilst working to  support the Willen Hospice Fashion Show.

Trust our President to want his 15 minutes of fame on the catwalk, but then that is much of the fun of being in a Lions Club