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If you are a visitor to the Milton Keynes area, please have a look around our website via the buttons on the left and if you would like to join us at one of our meetings, please contact any of our members who will be only too pleased to give you any information you may want.    If you are local and would like find out more about the Lions club which serves your area, again speak to any of our members or send us your contact details via the contact us page.

  • Motorama

    Each year we have run Motorama which saw over 100 classic and specialist vehicles being parked up in the Market Place and bringing an amazing blaze of colour and nostalgia to Olney.    Unfortunately this year we have hit a problem with manpower which has meant that the event has had to be cancelled as running such an event without adequate resources would be a major safety issue.  Only a hiccup as we will be back next year.    Further details of the event click on our Motorama logo above.  If you are a classic car owner and would like to join us in future years, download and complete the Application form which you will find at the foot of our Motorama page.   If you want further information which is not available from the site, simply  click here to visit our contact page and leave us details of your enquiry and someone will get back to you.

  • Our Town Calendars

    Another successful venture was our Town Calendars.   The Olney one was created from photos provided by local people, have a look at those we had to choose from for the 2017 issue by clicking on this link  -  Find out how you can support us by Clicking here.  We also produced our Newport Pagnell Town Calendar using photos of the Town and surrounding area taken by one of our Newport Pagnell members.   The decision on our 2018 issue will be taken shortly, so come back here to find out what we are doing.

  • Dickens of a Christmas

    Another successful event in December despite the loss of the Bull resulting in only 2 venues being available.   The great weather saw our largest attendance for many years and the support from our friends group and the Cranfield Air Training Corps members ensured that we were able to run a slick event, resulting in one of our largest profits in recent times..
    The date for the 2017 event will be announced shortly meanwhile if you are interested in coming along, either as a participant or simply to have an enjoyable day out, come back here in February to find out when it will be running.. 

    Want to join us at our next Craft event?
    If you want onto our mailing list simply go to our contact page and leave us your contact details and some information of your craft. We will add you to our list and we will be in touch to let you know the situation.   Remember as we get closer to the event, we do fill up but will keep your details and advise you of future events we are organising.    

    Please note Only items which have been handcrafted by the stallholder or a known friend can be brought to the event - no wholesale/retailing is acceptable and certainly no pre made Vintage Goods (whether second hand or 'new').   

  • What we supported this month

    At each monthly meeting, any appeals for support which the club has received will be discussed and the appropriate steps taken according to the view of the majority of those present.   Have a look at How we Serve our community.

  • Friends of Lions

    Could you be a "Friend of Lions"?
    Many of the events we organise take more manhours to cover than our existing club has available via our members meaning that we can only carry these out with the support of our Friends group.   This group of people are simply folks who are willing to give a few hours when available to help the club.   They have no desire to become part of the Lions organisation however they are public spirited enough to offer their help when they are free to do so and we inevitably manage to obtain the numbers we need.
    If you are reading this and feel that you could, perhaps, respond to an appeal for a few hours in our time of need, please go to our   contact page and simply say "Add me to your Friends" - it couldn't be easier.

Last Updated
23rd May 2017

Twin Celebrations Ahead


100 years ago, Melvin Jones founded Lions Clubs International and 60 years later, 20 local businessmen extended the concept into Newport Pagnell & Olney with the chartering of our own club.  
2017 therefore sees us celebrating two anniversaries and during the year we  will be doubling our efforts to help the communities locally, nationally and internationally.   To see the first of our celebration events - click here.


Did YOU win an Easter Egg?


Our Easter eggs have been won, no doubt eaten and the funds they generated have now been banked and are en route to the organisations that are benefitting.
This year over £1200 was raised by 16 pubs/cafes with the major beneficiaries being our own club, Willen Hospice and All Bullie Rescue.
Many thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket and we hope that the winners didn't become too unwell with all that chocolate.


Our 'Children's Charter"


When a Lions Club is formed, the parent body Lions Clubs International recognise the new club by the award of a Charter Document.  
The clubs inevitably have a birthday party to celebrate the event - their Charter Anniversary.  This normally takes the form of a Dinner Dance which in our case is run on a break even footing..  
With 2017 being our 40th Anniversary (and Lions Clubs International's 100th) we had to do something special.
This year will see us turning the event into a fundraiser with the beneficiaries being 3 local families whose lives have been turned upside down due to medical conditions suffered by their young children.
Read about our event by clicking on this link  


Our Town Calendars 2018

 Our focus is now on 2018 (sorry)

Have a look at our entries for the Olney Town Calendar for 2017 - Click on this link

We are hardly over the New Year and the start of 2017 when we Lions have to start considering what we are going to do for our 2018 versions of the Town Calendars - specifically for Olney where we run a fun competition for the illustrations.  (Newport Pagnell photos are taken by our members - although any readers who want to submit NP shots, please do so).
Photos are now beginning to come in to us so if you have any favourite photos depicting your favourite part of Olney (or Newport Pagnell), then please visit our rules page to find out what you need to do to send them to us. 

This Months Video

In Summer, Newport Pagnell experienced a re-enactment of the Civil War and Lions helped by sponsoring some of the follow up school activities as well as being present on the day (withour books, not muskets)
Re live the event with this video produced by the organisers


Our Town Calendars 2017

 Another Successful Year in 2017 

Have a look at our entries for the Olney Town Calendar - Click on this link

Our 2017 Olney and Newport Pagnell Town calendars and Olney Christmas Cards were once again in hot demand for folks sending them to friends and relatives in all 4 corners of the World.  Whilst it was a hard slog manning our various sales points, it was great fun meeting so many lovely residents and visitors.   A massive thanks to all our friends who helped out too, we would be unable to do many of the events and service activities without the help of our 'extra hands'.   Final results remain to be calculated but it looks like we have matched last years efforts.


Our 'Lions Toast' Whisky Tasting events are becoming very popular and our recent 'Spirit of India' was the best attended yet.

Over 60 people came along to the Carlton Club to learn about Paul John whisky from India and were enthralled with the story of this new boy on the block but were amazed once they started to taste the 5 expressions which were introduced by Shilton Almeida from the distillery.

Find out more about this and our past events by taking the link above.



February at the Two Brewers

February saw the club having a meal at the Two Brewers in Olney.   15 of us turned up to enjoy the special menu put on by David Church and the team and it was nice to be able to give something back to the Brewers for all the support they have given us over the past few years.   A win, win in the true sense.


Melvin Jones Fellowship

Probably the highest accolade any Lion member can receive is the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award. 
Named after the founder of Lions International, it  recognises the contribution made by individual members "for dedicated humanitarian services".  
We were delighted that 7 of our members have been awarded a Fellowship - find out more about the award and our recipients by following this link.