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If you are a visitor to the Milton Keynes area, please have a look around our website via the buttons on the left and if you would like to join us at one of our meetings, please contact any of our members who will be only too pleased to give you any information you may want.    If you are local and would like find out more about the Lions club which serves your area, again speak to any of our members or send us your contact details via the contact us page.

  • Motorama

    Each year we have run Motorama which normally sees 100 classic and specialist vehicles being parked up in the Market Place and bringing an amazing blaze of colour and nostalgia to Olney.   After a break last year, we are back again for 2018 and for further details of the event, click on our Motorama logo above.  If you are a classic car owner and would like to join us in future years,drop us a note via our  contact us  , leave us details of your enquiry and one of our members will get back to you.

  • Our Town Calendars

    As we head towards the festive season, so our sights are set on making our 2018 Town Calendars a success.  The Olney one was created from photos provided by local people, have a look at those we had to choose from for the 2018 issue by clicking on this link  -  Find out how you can support us by Clicking here.  We also produced our Newport Pagnell Town Calendar using photos of the Town and surrounding area taken by one of our Newport Pagnell members.  
    They will shortly be on sale from a number of outlets in both towns but as we have reduced our order this year to minimise waste, anyone wishing to purchase one should pre order if possible.  This can be done by visiting our contact page and letting us know what your requirements are along with address details.   When we have a supply, someone will be in touch to arrange delivery and collect your payment.

  • Dickens of a Christmas

    Another successful event in December in our two venues of The Carlton House Club and The Olney Centre.   Unfortunately we lost the Falconry Display but we do hope we will see more Birds of Prey at future events...
    The date for the 2018 event will be announced shortly meanwhile if you are interested in coming along, either as a participant or simply to have an enjoyable day out, come back here in February to find out when it will be running.. 

    Want to join us at our next Craft event?
    If you want onto our mailing list simply go to our contact page and leave us your contact details and some information of your craft. We will add you to our list and we will be in touch to let you know the situation.   Remember as we get closer to the event, we do fill up but will keep your details and advise you of future events we are organising.    

    Please note Only items which have been handcrafted by the stallholder or a known friend can be brought to the event - no wholesale/retailing is acceptable and certainly no pre made Vintage Goods (whether second hand or 'new').   

  • What we supported this month

    At each monthly meeting, any appeals for support which the club has received will be discussed and the appropriate steps taken according to the view of the majority of those present.   Have a look at How we Serve our community.

  • Friends of Lions

    Could you be a "Friend of Lions"?
    Many of the events we organise take more manhours to cover than our existing club has available via our members meaning that we can only carry these out with the support of our Friends group.   This group of people are simply folks who are willing to give a few hours when available to help the club.   They have no desire to become part of the Lions organisation however they are public spirited enough to offer their help when they are free to do so and we inevitably manage to obtain the numbers we need.
    If you are reading this and feel that you could, perhaps, respond to an appeal for a few hours in our time of need, please go to our   contact page and simply say "Add me to your Friends" - it couldn't be easier.

Last Updated
13th May 2018

Twin Celebrations Ahead


100 years ago, Melvin Jones founded Lions Clubs International and 60 years later, 20 local businessmen extended the concept into Newport Pagnell & Olney with the chartering of our own club.  
2017 therefore sees us celebrating two anniversaries and during the year we  will be doubling our efforts to help the communities locally, nationally and internationally.  

The Lions Toast Evolves

Following on from our massively successful Whisky tasting events, we have bowed to pressure and are introducing Gin 'n' Swing for those who may wish to sample the fastest growing drink in the UK.  Find out more by following the link.

This Months Video

The company, 7Billionideas exists to connect the 7 billion people on the planet with their own ideas aimed at improving the world around them.
They have worked with over 60,000 students and businesses all over the world and a recent link up with the Lions Clubs of District 105SE saw a unique initiative involving 20 schools and 19 Lions Clubs working with more than 4500 school children in the District bringing Lionism to the notice of the children who will be tomorrows citizens and potential Lions Members.. Have a look at this video to see what the participants thought of the event.  

Our Centennial Challenge

Have you seen the new Trees in Olney?   Read all about them by taking the link to "Oak Avenue"

The Lions Toast

Our whisky tasting evenings are continuing to be very popular with our most recent one seeing us comparing Scotch Whisky to Irish Whiskey under the title "An E or not an E, that is the question. 
Read about the event by following this link.

Our Easter Eggs make another appearance 

If you frequent any of the Pubs, Restaurants or Tearooms who were selling raffle tickets for our Giant Easter Egg (some with a lovely Teddy or Bunny) we hope you spent  £1 to get into the draw.    The profit from each egg is split 50:50 between Lions and the outlets chosen good cause (many of whom allow us to be that cause) .  If you didn't win, don't worry, you will have helped those less well off than yourself and ensured that you didn't suffer from a chocolate overdose.
Click here to find out more about the draw