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If you are a visitor to the Milton Keynes area, please have a look around our website via the buttons on the left and if you would like to join us at one of our meetings, please contact any of our members who will be only too pleased to give you any information you may want.    If you are local and would like find out more about the Lions club which serves your area, again speak to any of our members or send us your contact details via the contact us page.

  • Our Newport Pagnell & Olney Calendars - 2016

    Our 2015 Calendars were a fantastic success when we sold out of our Newport Pagnell version and very nearly did the same with the Olney one helping the club to add overf £2000 to our charity account.  Well guess what, we are doing the same again for 2016 but with an added attraction - for Olney, that is.    In addition to the two Town Calendars, we will be selling packs of Olney Christmas cards which have been created using some of the photos which have been submitted by local people.   Find out more by Clicking here.

  • Dickens of a Christmas

    Another successful event in December which despite a gloomy start to the day, saw our numbers steadily increase to our largest attendance for many years.   As a result, we had a great day helped once again by our friends group and the Cranfield Air Training Corps members who were key to the success of the day.
    The date for this years event will be 4th December so if you are interested in coming along, either as a participant or simply to have an enjoyable day out, get it into your diary now. 

    Want to join us at our next event?
    If you want onto our mailing list simply go to our contact page and leave us your contact details and some information of your craft. We will add you to our list and we will be in touch to let you know the situation.   Remember as we get closer to the event, we do fill up but will keep your details and advise you of future events we are organising.    

    Please note:  Only items which have been handcrafted by the stallholder or a known friend can be brought to the event - no wholesale/retailing is acceptable and certainly no pre made Vintage Goods (whether second hand or 'new').   

  • What we supported this month

    At each monthly meeting, any appeals for support which the club has received will be discussed and the appropriate steps taken according to the view of the majority of those present.   Have a look at How we Serve our community.

  • Motorama

    Motorama, our classic motor show which we ran in Olney Market Place and Old Cattle Market on Sunday 14th June 2015 was another great success with olmost 100 cars turning up.   Further details of the day can be found by clicking on our Motorama logo above.  If are a classic car owner and would like to join us in future years, download and complete the Application form which you will find at the foot of our Motorama page.  The event is becoming so popular that we are filling up earlier each year with little chance of latecomers finding a spot but by completing the form we will be able to keep you in the picture earlier enough to give you the best chance of getting into the event.     If you want further information which is not available from the site, simply  click here to visit our contact page and leave us details of your enquiry and someone will get back to you.

  • Friends of Lions

    Could you be a "Friend of Lions"?
    Many of the events we organise take more manhours to cover than our existing club has available via our members meaning that we can only carry these out with the support of our Friends group.   This group of people are simply folks who are willing to give a few hours when available to help the club.   They have no desire to become part of the Lions organisation however they are public spirited enough to offer their help when they are free to do so and we inevitably manage to obtain the numbers we need.
    If you are reading this and feel that you could, perhaps, respond to an appeal for a few hours in our time of need, please go to our   contact page and simply say "Add me to your Friends" - it couldn't be easier.

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3rd Febuary 2016

Our Charter Night

 For full details of our forthcoming charter and a booking form, follow the link.

Meet the Medical Detection Dogs

Dogs detecting prostate and breast cancer?   Your pet pooch picking up an impending Diabetic coma?   Massive savings for the NHS?  Minimising unnecessary biopsies?  Find out more about this new local charity which is taking the medical world by storm at our free awareness event being held in the Carlton House Club on 29th March.   Follow the link for more details.

Another Malt Tasting?

 Our 'Lions Toast' Whisky Tasting events have been immensely popular but unfortunately due to such an active calendar during 2015 we haven't had one for 15 months.
Many folks have been asking when we will be doing another and we have decided to see if we can meet the demand.   John is now 'sounding out' some folks in the hope that we can set something up in the first half of this year so keep coming back to check how we are getting on.   Meanwhile see what we have done in the past by following the link.

Our Town Calendars 2016

Almost gone!

Our Olney and Newport Pagnell calendars have sold well but we still have a very limited number of both calendars available which can no only be purchased direct from the club.  If you wish to get one before we consign them to the big recycling bin in the sky, order on line now by clicking HERE.

This Months Video

Lions Panto?

As we head towards the Festive Season, why not watch the Lions Panto?   Well not quite a panto as this was produced in the USA where they don't know about such things but follow Dorothy as she takes the yellow brick road to find out more about Lions.

  Watch this short video to learn more.


Melvin Jones Fellowship

Probably the highest accolade any Lion member can
receive is the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award. 
Named after the founder of Lions International, it  recognises the contribution made by individual members "for dedicated humanitarian services".  Find out more about the award and the recipients by following this link.

12th June

Olney Market Place will be playing host to our annual Motorama event when a fantastic range of classic and veteran cars will once again be arriving to help us raise funds for our nominated charity(ies).   Take the link to find out more.