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If you are a visitor to the Milton Keynes area, please have a look around our website via the buttons on the left and if you would like to join us at one of our meetings, please contact any of our members who will be only too pleased to give you any information you may want.    If you are local and would like find out more about the Lions club which serves your area, again speak to any of our members or send us your contact details via the contact us page.

  • Motorama

    Motorama is an annual event which normally sees 100 classic and specialist vehicles being parked up in the Market Place and surrounding streets bringing an amazing blaze of colour and nostalgia to Olney.   Click on our Motorama logo above to have a look at some of the vehicles from our most recent event.  If you are a classic car owner and would like to join us in future years,drop us a note via our  contact us  , leave us details of your enquiry and one of our members will get back to you.

  • Dickens of a Christmas

    Another successful Dickens Craft Fayre took place on Sunday 9th December when we were again located at our two venues of The Carlton House Club and Olney Centre.   With around 3000 people crossing our threshold, most of the stalls did a brisk trade although many did comment that our event has been hit with the same downturn they have experienced at most Craft Fayres.  If you are a craftsperson who produces your own items and are interested in applying to take part as a seller,  please drop us a note via our contact us page and our event organiser will get back to you with details. 

    Want to join us at our next Craft event?
    If you want onto our mailing list simply go to our contact page and leave us your contact details and some information of your craft. We will add you to our list and we will be in touch to let you know the situation.   Remember as we get closer to the event, we do fill up but will keep your details and advise you of future events we are organising.    

    Please note Only items which have been handcrafted by the stallholder or a known friend can be brought to the event - no wholesale/retailing is acceptable and certainly no pre made Vintage Goods (whether second hand or 'new').   

  • What we supported this month

    At each monthly meeting, any appeals for support which the club has received will be discussed and the appropriate steps taken according to the view of the majority of those present.   Have a look at How we Serve our community.

  • Friends of Lions

    Could you be a "Friend of Lions"?
    Many of the events we organise take more manhours to cover than our existing club has available via our members meaning that we can only carry these out with the support of our Friends group.   This group of people are simply folks who are willing to give a few hours when available to help the club.   They have no desire to become part of the Lions organisation however they are public spirited enough to offer their help when they are free to do so and we inevitably manage to obtain the numbers we need.
    If you are reading this and feel that you could, perhaps, respond to an appeal for a few hours in our time of need, please go to our   contact page and simply say "Add me to your Friends" - it couldn't be easier.

Last Updated
8th October 2019  

Firework Time in Olney

It's Firework time at Olney and the Lions club will be supporting The Olney Group (TOG), a group of volunteers who have organised this evening for many years.   You will find us manning the main entrance gate into the event which this year, is scheduled to take place on Sunday 3rd November.
Our members, supported by some of our friends group will be standing by to relieve those attending the event of their entrance fee or if they paid in advance it will be the tickets we will be checking.   Assuming the organisers will again be handing out free glowsticks as in previous years, we will be distributing those too - while stocks last!
This annual event is just one way the Lions club supports the towns we are located in - it's not all about raising funds when we fulfill our motto "We Serve" 

Lions Revive in Newport Pagnell & Olney

The busiest time of the year for the Lions club is the festive season and we are not unnaturally pretty tired by the time Christmas comes.    We do have a revival strategy which consists of having a good old Christmas Meal which this year will be held in the Swan Revived Hotel, in Newport Pagnell on 3rd December.   
The event which is open to members of our friends group, will see us recharging our batteries following a hectic few weeks and before the main Christmas thrust which sees us involved in Dickens Day where we are running two craft fayres, promoting and selling our town calendars in both towns and carrying out a range of service activities.  Click here for further details of the meal

What a Dickens of a Day

Lions major fundraiser is the Dickens of a Christmas Craft Fayres which we run in the Olney Centre and Carlton House Club. .If you are in town on 8th December, don't forget to pop into one of the sites, pay your £1 admission (50p for unaccompanied under 16s), which gives admission to both sites.   Don't miss out on that unique and hand crafted item that is just perfect for Auntie Jean, Uncle Herbert or little youknowwhoo!    Click here for further details

Lions Join Forces for New Zone Project

Lions have negotiated the creation of a Family Room at Milton Keynes University Hospital's new Cancer Centre.   Click here for further details

This Months Video

The Lions Annual International Peace Poster Contest

Lions International Peace Poster Contest is an international contest that encourages children, ages 11 to 13, to creatively express what peace means to them.  The 2019-20 contest theme is "Journey of Peace."  This contest allows students to share their unique images of peace with others, so that we may all have greater tolerance and international understanding.  Watch the Video to find out more about it.   

Peace Poster Contest
Launched at
Ousedale Olney Campus

This year our club is delighted to sponsor a Peace Poster contest at 
Ousedale School (Olney Campus).  The School sees a number of benefits in encouraging students to become involved in this prestigious International Art Contest which has competitors coming from around 200 countries. Through a series of geographical based judging stages, The eventual winner (and two members of his/her Family) will be invited to attend an International award ceremony, receive a prize of $5000 and an commemorative award.  23 merit cash awards are also made.  Find out more about the contest by clicking here to visit our dedicated page.

Lions Shoot at Rushden

September saw members and our friends joining Rushden Lions club at their annual Clay Pigeon Shoot which was raising funds for Brain Tumour Research.   Whilst we weren't too bad with the shotguns (some of us actually got into double figures), it was gratifying to see that our efforts with the catapults were less successful proving that the majority of us had been little angels as children and it was obvious that this weapon never figured in our youthful days.   A brilliant day doing something quite different from the norm which was made all the better with a great BBQ.

Lions Clip Clop to the Horseshoe

It was off to The Horseshoe in Lavendon for our September social event with some of our friends group which enabled us to thank Michelle and the new management team for continuing to run one of our Easter Egg Raffles.    The previous licensee, Sue, retired last year however the new team were delighted to remain one of our outlets in this major fundraiser for the club.  

Lions Toast heads to Sweden (nearly)

Another Lions Toast event was held on October which saw us tasting whiskies from Mackmyra distillery in Sweden and those attending were not only impressed but amazed at the wide variety of expressions which are coming out of the distillery, probably the major producer of whisky on mainland Europe.   
The event, led by Shane Pirie from the distillery and supported by his colleague Matt Wilson, gave an overview of the company, its history, the distilling process and to demonstrate the end result, 8 different expressions were sampled.    From the comments during and after the event, this is one distillery that a number of those attending will be checking out when they are next in the market for that 'unusual' bottle for their collection or topic of conversation.      We couldn't have a night without Swedish Meatballs so Richard from the Carlton Club, donned his blond wig and brought a little Swedish influence to the food which went down a treat.
A great night all round!

It all started in 1977!

The existing members knew we were founded in 1977, but what did the newly formed club do in it's first year?   A phone call received 'out of the blue' led to us receiving a photo album containing the first years record.  Click on the graphic above to see it.

Our Centennial Challenge

Have you seen the new Trees in Olney?   Read all about them by taking the link to "Oak Avenue"